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Wish's Diamond Edge


Do you need and confident and proven trail horse that won’t booger on a long ride? What about a reliable horse that you can teach your little one to ride on? Why not both? Diamond is an 8 year old Registered Missouri Foxtrotter Gelding that has got brains! His calm demeanor and laidback attitude has made him a great trail partner, all he needs now is a good home.

Diamond can cover a lot of ground when he is in his gait but when you need him to he will just drop his head and walk. He is also very responsive and soft in his mouth. He responds to leg cues and has been mounted from different objects. He will stand still and loose for tacking and will also bathe, clip, and handle feet easy. He has been ridden by inexperienced kids to the most advanced riders. This horse was ridden heavily on Ozark trails for 60 days where he was swam through rivers. He will load and back out of trailer.

Diamond is also a movie star who will make his feature debut in March 2019; movie sets are chaotic and stressful but he did great with all the commotion. He was exposed to golf carts, drones flying by, loud noises from armor clinging together and much more. He has also been desensitized to tarps, balls, noodles, farm equipment, atv’s, cars, and more.

If you want a smart and reliable trail horse Diamond should be your pick

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Missouri Fox Trotting Horse Breed Association

Registered Name: Wish's Diamond Edge
Registered Number: 10-96714
Color: Sorrel
Height: 15.0hh
Pedigree: Click to View

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